About us

ELL Recruitment is a professional recruitment agency based in northeastern Scotland.

We do our best for every client – it is the only way we can achieve the best result.

We are professional recruitment agency operating on the markets of northeastern Scotland, Iceland, and Germany. We specialise in personnel recruitment and screening, and temporary employment. We focus on employee development and training. We offer the entire range of social guarantees, the right documents, and information on rights and duties to all employees.

We work with companies from different fields and countries, which puts is in a perfect spot to offer the right job to everyone. And employers can rest assured that we will find the right applicants for their business.


Services tailored to the clients’ needs

24/7 client service

Qualified and professional assistance

High standards and flexible management

13 years of experience in providing the service

We do our best for you!

In conducting our business and working with people, we have to follow a range of requirements, quality standards, and codes. We are a member of a number of associations. We want you to rest assured that you will be provided with top-quality service and professional advice.




Some of our clients: